Ophthalmology at Centre Médical Evangélique Bunia

Dr. Innocent trained in ophthalmology and his wife Jeanne d’Arc in optometrics in Mali. They joined the team in January 2024 but found the clinic very ill-equipped. Several gifts have enabled the purchase of some needed equipment and there are ongoing needs. Dr. Innocent has recently been to Kampala to see what quality of equipment Read more about Ophthalmology at Centre Médical Evangélique Bunia[…]

ISTM Electrification

After installation in 2017, the 32 acid batteries began to fail in 2023. A request was made to Samaritan’s Purse to replace the batteries and upgrade the installation. From their very generous gift, the acid batteries were replaced with four lithium-ion batteries and the campus is once again blessed with solar power.

Surgical Ward for CME Bunia

Since December 2018, CME Bunia has had a full-time general surgeon, Doctor Samy Nigo. The next priority is a large ward for surgical patients. The estimated cost is $50,000 USD. CME is currently making cement bricks for the walls of the surgical ward.