PRORESO Security Fence

At the end of September a gift was received to complete the budget of $25,760 US for a security fence for PRORESO School for the Deaf in Bunia, Ituri Province, D R Congo. It is important to keep out the thieves who once stole the solar panels and repeatedly steal the garden produce. Also the 29 children who sleep in one classroom serving as a dorm need to be kept safe at night.

Bunia has a population of more than 800,000 people and PRORESO Centre has 131 students in the 6 primary and 6 secondary classes right up to 6th year in the teaching option. Of these children, 83 are profoundly deaf, 49 are orphans of both parents, 30 are living with their mother only and 10 are living with their father only. There are 21 teachers and a night guard. 29 children are living with a housemother in one classroom because they cannot go home at night.

We had to choose to have primary school in the mornings and secondary classes in the afternoons. Partners give us small salaries of $50 US a month and they have now found all the money $25,760 US for the fence.

Our vision, mission and values: We hope for a world in which each child living with a handicap is valued, in which one listens to children living with a handicap and we learn from them, and in which every children living with a handicap can hope and have a bright future.

In the world in which children living with a handicap are deprived of the fundamental human rights to have a happy childhood and to be in good health and be safe. We place the reality of the life of the children living with handicap in the heart of all that we try to do and with these children we work to build a better world for the present generation and the future ones. Our values are reflected in all that we do.

Many thanks to all those who have contributed to the fence. Note that the attached photo is not the actual fence but is similar to the fence that will be installed.